What Are Reading Glasses?

What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are for people who need to see close-up images more clearly, mostly those who are 40 years old and above who already have presbyopia. They’re essentially magnifying lenses. 

Reading glasses come in different strengths depending on your vision. 

Many older adults use reading glasses because their vision worsens with time. However, this isn’t the only use for them. 

Some people use reading glasses to help prevent eye strain when focusing on nearby images and text. Magnifying text or pictures can make it easier to see, reducing the effort the eyes need to focus. 

Why Might Someone Need Reading Glasses?

Someone needs reading glasses when it’s difficult to see close-up images. You may not notice this problem immediately—it may initially start as eye strain when you read a book or use your computer.

Watch for signs you’re struggling with your vision, such as: 

  • Having issues seeing small or fine print in dim light
  • Experiencing eye strain when you read or focus on close-up tasks
  • Having to hold books or images further away to see clearly
  • Having frequent headaches when completing close-up tasks

If you experience these symptoms, book an eye exam with a Shinagawa eye doctor. You may have a common condition known as presbyopia, which affects most adults after 40.

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