What Ceramic Braces Can Do For You

What Ceramic Braces Can Do For You

While some people prefer the obvious “braces look”, there are still those who want to have a perfect smile without metals showing out. Aside from the difference in look, metal and ceramic braces vary when it comes to their cost.

Clear ceramic braces are here to provide better aesthetics along with some unique benefits.

ceramic braces Philippines

Pros of ceramic braces:

  • Main difference is appearance; almost unnoticeable
  • Not easily tainted by food and drinks. However, the elastic ties still get discolored due to smoking or food intake.

While conventional braces are still the most common, ceramic braces give patients and doctors an option depending on personal preference and need.

Ceramic Braces

Both the traditional and ceramic braces do the same job of aligning your teeth and making them better and stronger.

While there are certain conditions where one is preferred over the other due to our different tooth anatomy or the initial condition of teeth, either way, both are bound to benefit your teeth for a lifetime.

A straightened and healthy teeth due to braces make an individual chew, bit and even speak better. Moreover, braces contribute to stronger teeth and gums, making them easier to clean, brush and floss.

See and know what braces are the best for you, consult your orthodontist.

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