What Is Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder?

Do you feel any pain or discomfort every time you move your jaw around?

There’s a good chance that you might have Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder or TMJ.

Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder causes pain and discomfort in the joint of your jaw and in the muscles that control its movement. It is actually a common joint problem.

TMJ disorder often occurs when the mandibular bone, the lower jaw, goes out of its original and proper alignment as the muscles and ligaments that hold the lower jaw in place are damaged or stretched through various motions.

This disorder is evident when a noise suddenly pops upon opening or closing of the mouth, indicating that there’s a misalignment in your jaw.

TMJ Treatment

While it is easy to identify if there’s probably TMJ disorder, it is often hard to know its exact cause.

The pain and discomfort it present might be a combination of various factors such as genetics or a jaw injury.

Still, there are few dental treatments that can fix this disorder.

It’s best to visit a dentist as he would know exactly which treatment is best for you and your situation.

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