The Magic Of Orthodontics | Shinagawa Blog

The Magic Of Orthodontics

When you communicate your desire for an improved or enhanced smile, oral health, and appearance to your dentist, he or she will discuss their role and map out the best possible treatments. You and your dentist will work together to develop the best course of action for your individual and particular situation. Orthodontic treatment may […]

How Do You Exactly Know It’s Time To Have LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

How Do You Exactly Know It’s Time To Have LASIK?

For someone who has tons of life ahead of her, Pam Madridejos knows that the sky can be the limit for her if only she can set her vision straight. For most of her life, Pam, 23, has had her struggles with poor eyesight. And as she goes on with her life, it’s not doing […]

Amazing Benefits Of RevLite Treatment | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Amazing Benefits Of RevLite Treatment

In our last blog about RevLite, we tackled how it works and how its power can effectively treat hyperpigmentation and other skin problems as well. This time, we’ll discuss the amazing benefits that RevLite presents. RevLite treatment manages to remove all unwanted discoloration. Just two to three sittings are enough to accomplish the mission but […]

The One For Julie Anne RevLite SI | Shinagawa Feature Story

The One For Julie Anne: RevLite SI

Staying as beautiful as you can is a must for every dedicated artist. Just ask Julie Anne San Jose. “Keeping my skin and body as glowing as possible is a priority for me. It really is a pre-requisite for us artists to keep ourselves in the best shape,” said Julie, an acclaimed singer and actress. […]

Ways Accountants Would Benefit From LASIK | Shinagawa Blog

Ways Accountants Would Benefit From LASIK

Are you an accountant who has a blurry vision? It’s quite challenging doing your everyday computing with a poor vision, right? All those hours dangling figures after figures can be exhausting and extra difficult. Dealing with numbers extensively on a daily basis is no joke, especially if it’s the tax season. Accountants know that. That’s […]

Assessing Risk Of Tooth Decay | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Assessing Risk Of Tooth Decay

It’s better to prevent cavities than to eventually treat them. Cavities can actually be stopped before they start. Tooth decay is one of the most pervasive diseases of our time but modern dentistry has made major strides in the battle against cavities. After years of scientific and clinical studies, dentists are now active towards an […]

Knowing More About RevLite | Shinagawa Blog

Knowing More About RevLite

Many dermatologists consider RevLite as one of the most effective, if not the most effective, treatment for hyper-pigmented skin, any kind of abnormal darkening of the skin, including everything from freckles to liver spots. That’s because the power of RevLite presents a whole lot more. Hyperpigmentation can be quite irritating. After all, who would like […]

Myths About LASIK That You Should Know | Shinagawa Blog

Myths About LASIK That You Should Know

Myth: LASIK causes scar tissue around the flap edge. Fact: No, LASIK doesn’t cause scar at all. LASIK is one of the safest surgeries in the entire world.  In the US alone, since the approval of LASIK by the FDA in 1996, over 20 million procedures have been done with a high rate of success […]

How Blue Light From Your Screens Affect Your Skin Health | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

How Blue Light From Your Screens Affect Your Skin Health

As we all know, blue light from cellphones and computer screens causes eye strains, but does it also cause harm to your skin and complexion? If you’re someone who eats, nights of sleep and breaths your phone as if your life depends on it completely, you should reconsider you’re overusing ways. If you live with […]

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Why LASIK Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be one of the most special days of every year. This day of love is fast approaching and for sure, you’re probably thinking right now how you should spend the day. If you don’t have plans yet this Valentine’s Day and would […]