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Bright Eyesight Advantages For Social Distancing

One of the key components of the so-called “new norm” is the necessary observance of social distancing.

With COVID-19 still pretty much a threat to the world, it is essential for everyone to practice proper social and physical distancing, especially in the crowd and public places. But is it that easy for everyone to properly do that?

Perhaps, social distancing isn’t as easy for some, particularly for those with blurry eyesight. Yes, that plays a big part, for obvious reasons.

People with blurry vision tend to have a more difficult time in calculating distance between them and others around, particularly in smaller public places.

Andrea Lim, who suffered from astigmatism before, shared how difficult it was for her to practice consistent social distancing in crowds.

“It was challenging to practice social distancing due to a poor vision. Aside from having a hard time seeing people moving all over the place, it was also a struggle seeing signage and guidelines in establishments,” said Andrea, who recently had LASIK for a better vision to help her everyday life.

With a brighter vision, one can instantly practice preventive measures more properly and easily, being able to see the surroundings better.

Andrea explained the difference and the advantages of having a brighter vision in observing proper measures in the “new norm”.

“Having brighter eyesight now helps a lot. I could see everything and everyone much clearer without having the need to move closer to them, which is obviously not advisable in our current crisis,” shared Andrea. “I don’t need to get closer to people just to see how distant I am from them. It’s just much easier practicing social distancing now with a better vision.”

If you are having some noticeable difficulties during this pandemic due to your eyesight, it’s perhaps time to seek LASIK for a more comfortable life.

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