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Can Braces Improve The Shape Of Your Face?

One dental treatment that has a big effect on a patient’s face is no less than braces.

Yes, braces can do more than just aligning and straightening your teeth.

Since the shape of your mouth, lips and cheek heavily depend on tooth and jaw structure, enhancing their alignment will most certainly have a drastic effect on the face’s overall contour.

Braces have the ability to change the way your teeth and jaw fit together, creating a much better synchronization through the lower half of the face.

Imagine if you have minor issues with the alignment of your teeth, wouldn’t that affect your confidence in terms of your smile? It somehow does, right?

That’s what braces can fix for you.

Can Braces Improve The Shape Of Your Face | Shinagawa Dental Blog

In a lot of cases, facial enhancements are positive effects of having your teeth realigned by braces. Many patients who have braces evidently observe that the appearance of their faces was improved.

Our dentists at Shinagawa Orthodontics don’t only focus on making your teeth straight and fixing bad bites, they also have the ability to enhance your smile and facial features.

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