can mobile phone harm your skin

Ways your phone is messing with your skin

With demanding job schedules, social engagements, and an increase in phone notifications from apps, millennials’ so-called beauty sleep isn’t really so beautiful. Most likely, you’ll keep your phone in your hand until you fall asleep.

The continual use of cell phones, whether it be for late-night surfing or lying on one side of the pillow to text late-night friends, can potentially harm your skin.

Your phone is harming your skin in the following ways:

Your use of a phone while sleeping

Looking at your phone at night will never help you fall asleep, no matter how drowsy or exhausted you are. Even when you put your phone down, the phone light can still interfere with your sleep cycle and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Our skin tends to lose moisture when we get less sleep, which over time causes the skin to become dry and even dull.

Addiction increases stress

You are certainly addicted to your cell phone if you find it impossible to live without it. Nomophobia is the fear of “no mobile phone” and the anxiousness to check alerts. This syndrome just raises stress levels, whether it’s due to your battery dying or a lack of internet access. Skin breakouts will eventually result from all this stress wearing down your skin. Do you know that the heat produced by a phone can also result in hyperpigmentation and black spots?

Your eyes are also affected

Have you ever caught yourself slightly squinting when using your phone? The area surrounding your eyes develops crow’s feet due to repeated squinting. Because the fonts on mobile phones are small, the eyes have to work harder to focus. All of this accelerates the aging process and might result in wrinkles around the eyes.

Always exhausted

In fact, talking on the phone nonstop might wear you out. Being on the phone alone can make you fatigued, even if you aren’t engaging in any form of physical activity. All of this, whether it be through phone games or viral videos, over time makes your skin appear old and drab.

Creases on the neck

We gaze down at the phone all the time to check it. Because the skin around the neck is sensitive and loses its elasticity as a result of repetitive movement, this results in creasing. You may prevent this by maintaining excellent posture (intentionally looking straight ahead) and even moisturizing your skin to encourage cell regeneration.

Acne is the worst

The constant exposure to bacteria via the mobile phone during the day acts as a magnet for bacteria. You simply expose your skin to bacteria throughout every phone call, which might cause outbreaks and difficult acne.

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