Does a Cataract Need to be Fully Ripe for it to be Removed?

Does a Cataract Need to be Fully Ripe for it to be Removed?

When it comes to removing a cataract, many are wondering when the perfect time is.

One of the most commonly asked questions is if a cataract needs to be fully ripe or not for it to be removed. Since potentially having Cataract Surgery is a critical decision, it is rightfully important for the patient to first know the specifics.

Regarding that question, as per medical experts, it is actually better to have a cataract removed the soonest to avoid worsening of the situation.

A cataract does not necessarily have to be ripe for it to be removed.

While the case in the past is that you would have to wait for it to be more solid and ripe before being removed, it’s not the case anymore at this point and time.

With modern and significant advances in Cataract Surgery, the natural lens can now be removed from the eye at any stage, even when the cataract is yet to be fully developed.

Most cataracts are now removed by thoroughly breaking up the lens into small pieces before suctioning them out, thanks to the advancement of the Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, which utilizes a proven and state-of-the-art laser technology treatment for cataract removal that specifically creates an efficient surgical plan and delivers a unique procedure suited for every patient ensuring a highly accurate data and effective results.
With that, the femtosecond laser pulses create the incisions and break down the cataract to smaller and softer pieces allowing for a gentler suctioning of the cataract. Through this method, the lens does not have to be significantly hard for it to be removed.

On another note, it’s actually more difficult to suction out the pieces of a harder lens.

Still, a cataract should not be removed yet simply because it is present. Many people have cataracts that do not cause blurred vision, interfere with activities of daily living, or otherwise prevent them from leading active and productive lives.

In these cases, these people should not undergo unnecessary surgery yet to remove their cataracts.

However, once reduced vision due to cataract already interferes with your everyday activities, your cataract must then be removed the soonest for your own convenience. This is the time for you to go to an optometrist and/or an ophthalmologist to plot the best action course.

The only treatment for cataract is to have it removed surgically.

Shinagawa offers the most precise and advanced Cataract Surgery in the country so you won’t have to worry.

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    Concepcion Bernardo says:

    Hi, how much does it normally cost to get the cataract removed in both eyes? I am a senior citizen and have Philhealth, will that give me a discount? Thanks!


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