Taking Care Of Your Lingual Braces

Taking Care Of Your Lingual Braces

The effects and impact that Lingual Braces deliver to your teeth are without a doubt beneficial.

But to maximize your Lingual Braces’ full impact, you also need to do your part and take care of them, accordingly.

Since your Lingual Braces present an invisible and inward location, they require special care and maintenance.

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In line with that, here are some key pointers that you should keep in mind and observe:

  1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene – With or without Lingual Braces, this should be a must for everyone and of course, that includes you. Don’t be lazy and make sure you observe proper oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth, taking your mouthwash and checking everything.
  2. Protecting Oral Soft Tissues – If your tongue is irritated by the braces, the wax provided at the start of treatment should be used. It should be pasted on the inside of the teeth, especially in very sensitive areas where it hurts. Make sure you take note of this.
  3. Diet Management – During your orthodontic treatment, it is essential that you avoid chewy, sticky, and hard foods. This includes raw vegetables and fruit like carrots and apples. These foods can dislodge your brackets. Doing your part of the bargain is likewise as important as the power of your braces.
  4. Regular Visits to the Dentist – We can’t stress enough the importance of visiting your dentist constantly. Only the dentist can identify what adjustments and treatments are needed for you and your braces to achieve the aimed goal. It is also key for the dentist to see the progress of your teeth in the duration of the treatment.

Lingual Braces are there to give you the best set of teeth that you can possibly have. Still, it is important for you to assist them by making sure you take care of them and your overall oral health, accordingly.

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