LASIK: What You Need To Know (Infographic)

You might be unfamiliar with LASIK – the advanced treatment for eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Here is an Infographic that will help you know about its origin, the ailments that it can cure and the person who are eligible for the treatment, and how the procedure is done. It also has reminders on what to do after undergoing the procedure, and tells about the benefits of having the treatment.


Looking Through LASIKed Eyes

The eyes are the most used sense organs at home, in school and at work. People need clear eyesight for gardening, cooking, lawn mowing, sewing and other household chores. Students, teachers and professors read piles of books and researches wherein their eyes are overly used. Workers alike, need good eyesight in order to deliver high quality performance in their work. What happens when you do not have 20/20 vision? Then you have to wear eyeglasses, contact lenses and other prescriptive eye-wear. But are you aware  about the concerns raised by people who use them? These are some of the problems raised by people who wear eyeglasses:

1. The stress felt in selecting new pair of eyeglasses – frame, color, the design to match the outfit.

                                                                                                                             Source: (c)Giphy

2. The ‘nerd’ label

                                                                                                                          Source: (c)Giphy

3.  Problems in playing Sports                                                                                                                       Source: (c)Giphy

4. Geek and weirdo label.

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5. When the weather changes, you have to be extra vigilant.

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6. It diminishes your face’s beauty points.

                                                                                                           Source: (c)

7.  Debating on your mind whether you will have Lasik surgery or not. glasses4.gif                                                                                                       Source: (c)

How LASIK can bring a difference to your life


After LASIK treatment, you can wake up in the morning and have a clearer vision of the world.

  • No more efforts in looking for eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Bathroom problems like using the conditioner instead of shampoo, mistaking the toothpaste as facial wash, will be avoided.
  • Say goodbye to unfinished jobs that require very good eyesight like roof repair, cooking, drilling or hammering screws, using power tools/hand tools, working with solvents or chemicals, mowing the lawn

                                                                                                            Source: (c)


  •  You will be able to appreciate different sceneries without the hassle of bringing your eyeglasses or contact lenses
  •  You will be able to capture clearer and higher resolution photos using your camera, because of your 20-20 vision.      

                                                                                                                Source: (c)


  • You will be able to swim without the worry of losing your prescriptive eyewear.
  • You will be able to play ball games and extreme sports without the dilemmas of the need for eyeglass or contact lenses for poor eyesight.

                                                                                           Source: (c)


  •  Work without the bother of thinking which work outfit will match your eyewear
  • Increase your productivity with the aid of better eyesight brought to you by LASIK treatment

                                                                                  Source: (c)

Krista Kleiner, Miss Philippines International 2010, highly recommended the LASIK treatment. She said that it brings about the ‘miracle of sight’ to see the beauty of the world in a process that is painless. “There is pressure but there is no pain.”  

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the eyeglasses and the contact lenses. Get a LASIK treatment!

Yuki Tansengco of StyleCat was all praises with the result of her lasik treatment

In a short video, Yuki Tansengco, a blogger from StyleCat expressed her awe and satisfaction with the results of her eye treatment at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Center. 

6 Facts You Need to Know About Astigmatism

6 Facts You Need to Know About Astigmatism

They say having Astigmatism is like driving through life with a “warped windshield”. Though there is no known cause for most cases of Astigmatism, it is usually attributed to an imperfection in the shape of the eye, particularly the cornea, which is responsible for most of the eyes ability to “bend light” or focusing most of the light which enters the eye.

Due to the irregular shape, the eye’s ability to focus is inhibited. So images may appear distorted or blurred. Astigmatism is a term commonly known but there are still little known facts about this condition.

Here are some key facts about astigmatism:

  1. Most people have it but don’t know it. Because some mild types of this condition don’t affect vision, most people aren’t aware they have it. It is also more common in young people and women. Astigmatism often occurs in puberty. It may also be present in birth and can increase in intensity through the years.
  2. It can go away. Most people do not experience symptoms nor do they require treatment. But prescription eye glasses or contact lenses have been known to treat Astigmatism in its early stages.
  3. The Diabetic Connection. High blood sugar levels can affect the eye, particularly the shape of the lens, which is responsible for the focusing power of the eye. This is called Diabetic retinopathy and occurs when the tiny blood vessels in the eye are blocked.
  4. Rubbing can cause eye weakening. Commonly seen in people with allergies, chronic vigorous rubbing of the eyes can cause damage to the cornea and eventually cause increased pressure and irregular change in the shape of the eye.
  5. Exercising can help. This may seem odd but if you really think about it, our eyes are muscles and so they need to be kept in shape. One helpful exercise is to read and avert your gaze periodically. Start by reading one paragraph then shifting your gaze to a nearby object and then go back to reading. Doing this repeatedly will strengthen your eye muscles and improve your ability to focus.
  6. Having LASIK is the way to go. LASIK surgery is known to be the key to regaining perfect vision but moreover, it can also be responsible for correcting astigmatism. Having LASIK is like hitting two birds with one stone. LASIK surgery can reshape the inner layer of the cornea, correcting astigmatism in the process.

To learn more on how much of a difference maker LASIK is, check out the lives Shinagawa changed for the better: these facts about astigmatism and what LASIK can do, this condition can certainly be corrected and there’s nothing to worry about if you happen to have it.

7 Sight Saving Tips for a Brighter Future

7 Sight Saving Tips for a Brighter Future

When we think about the future we often focus on securing our lives financially. But there is one aspect we often overlook: eye health. Even though we enjoy clear vision, caring for our eyes doesn’t end at achieving 20/20 vision.

1. Follow the 20-20-20 rule.  We spend most of our lives facing digital screens so it’s easy to suffer from eye strain without meaning to. In order to avoid this, we must make it a habit to follow the 20-20-20 rule: throughout the day, we must take 20 seconds every 20 minutes to look away from our computers at an object 20 feet away.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule in Philippines

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2. Stick to a Balanced Diet. Watching what you eat not only helps you slim down and protect you from diseases, it can also help reduce the risk of eye disease such as cataracts. Foods rich in Vitamins in antioxidants also maintain clear vision.


Stick to a Balanced Diet Philippines

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3. Move. Exercising regularly can do wonders to your overall health and this includes our eyesight. Regular walking, for instance, not only improves circulation but reduces the risk of future visual deterioration.

Woman running Philippines

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4. Just Say No. Cigarette smoking can cause lead to poor eye health and conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes and even, infant eye disease.

No to Smoking Philippines

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5. Know Yourself. More than eye exams, you should also make sure to get tested for Hypertension or Diabetes. These conditions, when not addressed early on, can lead to ocular hypertension, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Doctor Checkup Philippines



6. Shield Yourself. Dry air and prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause potential damage to your eyes. So admire the beauty of nature without putting your health in jeopardy.

Couple at the beach Philippines

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7. Learn from the Past. To look forward to your future, you should be able to look back and learn from the past. By having a thorough knowledge of your family’s health history can help you take early action to avoid possible health risks in the future.

Learn from the Past Philippines

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The Department of Health proclaimed August “Sight Saving Month” as a response to the worldwide health issues of Avoidable Blindness and Visual Impairment.

Sight saving should be a priority worldwide.

Caring for our eyes means caring for our whole bodies as well. So, as this month draws to a close, let’s not forget to keep all these tips in mind all year round, ensuring overall health for a better tomorrow.

Take care of your sight well. Let Shinagawa help you in ensuring you have the best possible vision. Visit to learn more on how to deal with your eye concerns.