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How Does A Concussion Affect The Eyes And Level Of Vision?

Some accidents can eventually cause a concussion, especially if the head was damaged severely.

Several areas of the brain are responsible for vision so it may not come as a surprise that concussions can cause symptoms associated with the eyes and/or vision.

Sometimes referred to as Post-Traumatic Vision Syndrome, vision problems following concussions are common and can include:

  • Blurry vision or difficulty focusing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty reading – you might find yourself losing your place
  • Headaches when performing visual tasks
  • Peripheral vision loss
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty moving the eyes

These symptoms can be especially disruptive to everyday life, whether in relation to returning to work or school.

Although rare, the following are more serious effects of a concussion:

  • Retinal detachment: The sheer impact of a head injury causing concussion can cause the retina to detach. This requires immediate attention and surgical intervention.
  • Vitreous hemorrhage: Concussions may cause the blood vessels of the eye(s) to leak into the jelly-like substance in the eye (vitreous humor), causing blurred vision, floaters, a red tint to your vision, and more. Sometimes this clears up on its own, although medication may be prescribed to speed up the healing process.
  • Optic nerve damage: Increased pressure in the brain can subsequently put pressure on the optic nerve leading to partial or total loss of vision. It’s imperative to have your eyes examined after a concussion or head injury since vision loss from optic nerve damage is irreversible.

Neuro-optometrists and neuro-ophthalmologists are both specialized in treating concussions, especially as they relate to the visual system.

If you suspect a concussion, it’s important to schedule an appointment with an eye care professional and mention this. The benefits are two-fold: a comprehensive eye exam can help diagnose a concussion and can diagnose any effects of a concussion-related to the eyes, like those described above.

Schedule an eye check-up with us and let our doctors see just how healthy you and your eyes are.

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