Diana Tapac Experiencing Brightness and Kindness

Diana Tapac: Experiencing Brightness & Kindness

They often say kill them with kindness. As for us, we serve our patients utmost with kindness.

Diana Lou Tapac, a devoted teacher, fully experienced the hospitality of our dedicated team during her LASIK journey on her way to her 20/10 vision.

“From -350/-350 with astigmatism to 20/10, real quick. OMG!” expressed Diana. “Thank you Shinagawa Lasik Center! Super duper bait mga staff and doctors.

She also shared how her experience was unique after being given the most fitting treatments for her eye case.

“They say every patient’s experience is different from one another and it is! I am finally free from my prescription glasses! I’ve been wearing them for 9 years!”

Experience brightness and kindness at Shinagawa! Schedule your LASIK screening now!

For inquiries, questions, and appointments, call our Patient Care Lines: 

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📞 (+632) 7-368 5238


🖥 Talk to our Consultants via Livechat: https://shinagawa.ph/


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