Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol with a Patient | Shinagawa Feature Story

From Doctor To Patient: Dr. Charo’s Own LASIK Experience

Even ophthalmologists themselves need the sharpest of visions to be as prolific as possible.

Take it from Shinagawa’s very own Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol.

Our own doctor recently had her own LASIK to enhance his vision further.

“Of course, being an ophthalmologist myself, I need to have a sharp vision that can help me further in my profession,” expressed Dr. Charo. “That’s why I had LASIK here in our very own clinic here at Shinagawa to improve my eyesight and it was so smooth and very comfortable.”

“I’ve been struggling with blurry vision for over 10 years before having LASIK. I was at 20/200 before and now, I have a 20/15 vision.”

Used to performing surgeries herself as an eye doctor, it felt weird at first for her to be the patient who will undergo LASIK but in the end, it was all a thrill for her.

“It was weird at first to be the patient for LASIK as I am a doctor and normally, it’s me who performs the procedure. I’m glad it all went well as I was in good hands with our doctors and advanced machines here.”

Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol on Her Eye Check Up | Shinagawa Feature Story

While there’s a common misconception that in the medical industry, ophthalmologists do not actually undergo LASIK procedures themselves, her experience was a testament that doctors also have their full trust in the safety and advancements of the machines and practices at Shinagawa.

Armed with a brighter vision now, Dr. Charo expects herself to perform at an even higher level now regarding her duties as an ophthalmologist.

“I now have better eyesight and this will make everything easier for me, including the LASIK and cataract surgeries that I regularly perform.”

Whatever profession you may be in, you most certainly need a bright vision to thrive. Don’t let your blurry vision be the hindrance that stands between you and your goals.

Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 and let LASIK help you.

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