Fumiya Sankai: New Year, New Vision

Fumiya Sankai: New Year, New Vision

Being a multi-faceted Japanese artist is already fun in itself but Fumiya Sankai wanted to ease up his everyday grind.

Hence, having LASIK was the way to go after 14 long years of relying on contacts.

“I decided to proceed with LASIK at Shinagawa because I trusted its Japanese roots and technologies, making me feel comfortable. It was quick and amazing!” shared Fumiya.

It didn’t take long before he saw the life-changing difference.

“I just had a three-hour nap after the procedure and when I woke up, everything’s clear already!”

Fumiya went on to share that he’s been using contact lenses for more than a decade before figuring enough is enough.

“I’ve spent lots of money for contact lenses for the last 14 years and it wasn’t ideal and good, aside from being inconvenient.”

“This was a best decision for me to have a new vision for the New Year!”

How ’bout a new vision for the New Year for you as well?

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