Habits That May Contribute to Premature Skin Aging

Habits That May Contribute to Premature Skin Aging

While skin of all ages is beautiful, time can dim your glow. Help keep your complexion plump, bright, and smooth by minimizing habits that can cause premature skin aging.

From skipping out on sleep to skimping on SPF, here are the habits that can prematurely age your skin.

Persistently Rubbing Your Eyes Can Cause Dark Circles and Fine Lines

For most people, rubbing the eyes isn’t a problem and won’t cause any permanent side effects but continuous eye rubbing can create an issue by increasing inflammation in the area. Constantly rubbing your eyes can affect the lines around your eyes.

That’s not all. Pulling, tugging, and rubbing on delicate skin around the eyes can cause darkness.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Disrupts Skin Renewal

Sleep is essential for energy, concentration — and complexion. Skimping on sleep can show on your face over time.

Various studies show that poor sleep (defined as five hours or less) was linked to increased signs of aging, poorer skin barrier function, and lower satisfaction with appearance.

Stress Releases Cortisol, Causing Collagen Breakdown

Every part of our body is affected by our stress. That includes your skin.

If you’re chronically worried (or losing sleep over stress), your body is pumping out stress hormones nonstop, which can cause premature aging.

Cortisol, the major stress hormone, breaks down collagen, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles and causes inflammation.

Relying on Makeup for Sunscreen Leaves Skin Unprotected

To protect the skin from premature aging, SPF is king. One past study found that ultraviolet (UV) light exposure was responsible for 80 percent of visible facial aging signs, including wrinkles and pigmentation changes.

But if you’re relying on makeup containing SPF to block harmful UV rays, you may not be sufficiently protecting your skin. Most makeup protects against UVB rays but doesn’t block UVA rays, which cause fine lines, brown spots, enlarged pores, and crepey-ness.

Forgetting Sunglasses Can Damage the Eyes and Surrounding Skin

Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays, which can harm the eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina (and, as previously noted, UV rays can damage the delicate skin around the eyes, too).

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