How can five minutes change a celebrity’s life?

In just five minutes, TV host, actress, and model Daiana Menezes’ life was drastically changed for the better by one life-turning procedure — LASIK.

For the longest time, Daiana endured all the struggles of having a poor eyesight. Ever since she was a kid, she didn’t have the luxury of enjoying a good eyesight. Her struggles carried over to her daily work and career as a celebrity.

Daiana Menesez Holding Eye Glasses

“Ever since I was a kid in school, I already had the unpleasant experience of wearing glasses and contact lenses when I started working,” confessed Daiana. “I experienced poor eyesight when I had to read prompters on tv and “idiot boards” for hosting, most of my career I was squinting my eyes.”

Having to deal with a poor vision was indeed challenging for Daiana for the longest time.

Not anymore. “Now, I am finally free to do my job with eyes wide open!”

Daiana Menesez with Dr. Dinglasan

Daiana Menesez During Eye Screening

In a span of five minutes, Daiana now enjoys a perfect vision for the first time in a long, long while, thanks to her decision of having LASIK at Shinagawa.

“Then, a 5-minute LASIK procedure at Shinagawa was definitely a life-changing one! I am so happy to be waking up and seeing everything without the need for glasses or contact lenses,” expressed a thrilled Daiana following her procedure.

Happiness in 5 Minutes of LASIK for Daiana Menezes

Daiana Menesez on LASIK procedure

Now, she can’t help but cherish a fresher life with a brand new vision.

“This is life after LASIK. I’m just so amazed!”

Happiness in 5 Minutes of LASIK for Daiana Menezes

Also concern about others who regularly struggles with a vision deficiency, Daiana strongly suggests LASIK to those who are in need after experiencing first-hand how it changes lives for the better.

Daiana Menezes-29Happiness in 5 Minutes of LASIK for Daiana Menezes

“Sorry for saying it all over and sounding silly, but for those with poor eyesight and have the chance to experience LASIK, understand where I’m coming from. For those wondering if they should undergo LASIK, I strongly recommend it if you’re a candidate!

Big thanks to Shinagawa LASIK Center, the best and coolest clinic in town!”

Happiness in 5 Minutes of LASIK for Daiana Menezes

Taking it from Daiana, it might probably be the right time for you to consider LASIK if you can no longer prolong your visual agony.

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