The Importance of Using Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen is one of the most underrated musts in terms of skin care. Some people underestimate the significance of using sunscreen on our skin. Little do they know that skipping sunscreen is a major sin in terms of taking care of our skin.

According to dermatologists, it is essential for us to use sunscreen every time we go outside, or even when we’re just indoors.

Skipping sunscreen can cause damage to your skin, particularly caused by the harmful UV rays. Plus, being exposed to the sun without any protection is one of the main causes of skin aging.

In terms of the specific types of sunscreen that can help us take care of our skin better, experts emphasize that it needs to be broad spectrum, water resistant and at least SPF 30.

The Importance of Using Sunscreen

Dermatologists strongly recommend putting sunscreen 30 minutes prior to an expected sun exposure and applying it again every after two hours. This way, the skin will remain protected from whatever harm sun exposure can give.

Avoid having an unhealthy skin and achieve optimum skin health!

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