Holiday Skin Stress Get your Glow Intact

Holiday Skin Stress? Get your Glow Intact

Holiday stress, too many goodies, and a whole lot of celebrating can take a toll on your skin.

Shopping. Cooking. Cleaning. Celebrating. It’s the holidays, replete with food and drinks and too much to do on too little sleep, all taking place during a sometimes harsh, wintry weather season. The end result: Just when you want to look sparkly and terrific, your skin gets the holiday blues.

From dark circles under the eyes to a decidedly “green in the gills” complexion to bloated, puffy, swollen eyes and zits when you least expect it, for many women seasonal skin problems can abound.

The good news: Not only are there things you can do right now to ensure your angelic “glow” during this season, but there are also some cosmetic tricks and tips to keep your holiday glow going clear into the New Year.

Take a look at some quick fixes and new ways to glow through the season.

  • If you think you’re going to be partying a lot, start ahead of time to make your skin look healthier. Laser treatments can help do that, but so can topical creams, particularly serums containing vitamin C or creams containing retinol.
  • When it comes to puffiness, particularly puffy eyes, cold is the answer to it all, and there is no better treatment than cold packs.
  • To decrease the look of sleepy, tired eyes during the day, skip liner and mascara on the lower lid, which can make puffy eyes look (and feel) worse.
  • If you are going to be drinking alcohol, it’s best to stick with skin products that are cream or gel based because they dehydrate your skin less.

The best place to begin is with some preventive care, starting as soon as possible. Let’s get you started at Shinagawa Aesthetics!

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