How Can Anxiety Medication Affect Your Skin

How Can Anxiety Medication Affect Your Skin?

It is a consensus that emotions affect the health and appearance of our skin—what about anxiety medication and other antidepressants? 

Learn more about antidepressant side effects and dermatological treatment options.

What are antidepressants?

Antidepressants are prescription medicines to treat depression, a common but serious medical illness affecting a person’s mood and general mental health. 

What are some common side effects of antidepressants?

Antidepressants may introduce any number of unwanted side effects, and while there are several different kinds of antidepressants (e.g., fluoxetine or bupropion), these are generally seen as the most common. 

More common

Hives, itching, or rashes


Less common

Chills or fever

Joint or muscle pain

The real culprit behind antidepressant-related skin problems is acne (including hives, itching, and rashes). While the antidepressants themselves cannot damage your skin, these will. 

What are some side effects of acne?

Acne can cause more than problems for your skin. Acne could leave a person feeling sad or uncertain about their appearance and rejects a toll on one’s emotional health. Researchers have discovered that the presence of acne breakouts can cause: 



Low self-esteem

Poor self-image

Decreased quality of life


Unfortunately, the effects of acne can create a cycle of depression and antidepressant usage that can become burdensome to the suffering patient. 

Can acne be treated?

There is good news. With early treatment, acne can be prevented, provide clearness to the skin, and prevent acne from worsening in degree or damage. Of course, some people will need to continue treating their skin to prevent future breakouts, but this can be a relief to someone who has dealt with emotional distress and permanent acne scars.

How do dermatologists treat acne?

A dermatology-approved acne treatment plan depends on a few considerations:

Type of acne (i.e., blackheads, pimples, etc.)

Location of acne

Previous treatments

Timing of breakout


Treatment will include anything from a retinoid, Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, steroids, or laser treatment and corticosteroid injection in more severe cases. A dermatologist may also recommend a healthy diet to help with mental fatigue and emotional wellness. 

Why does skincare matter?

Even if you follow your treatment plan from beginning to end, new breakouts may reappear over time without the right method and approach. Be sure to apply gentle skincare products to clear acne and avoid rougher forms of treatment like several face scrubs a day. 

Skin care is linked to a healthy and confident life and can lend itself to a more holistic life of health, wellness, and happiness. 

Although acne and other related skin problems are common health conditions, they can be avoided. Are you suffering from acne? Shinagawa Aesthetics is here to help you understand your skin and find the proper treatment. 

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