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How Shinagawa Saved Luis Nuguid’s Vision With Cataract Surgery

When it comes to health, early detection of certain conditions is always better.

That was the case for 63-year-old Luis Nuguid, father of influencers Nina and Aggy, as his eyesight relished the benefits of having early detection of Cataracts on both his eyes.

With the eye experts of Shinagawa at the helm, Luis’ eyes were in safe hands.

“It’s a good thing Shinagawa was able to detect my Cataracts early because there’s a chance they can thicken over time,” shared Luis.

Initially, Nina and Aggy were seeking LASIK for Luis as his eyesight was getting more blurry but after in-depth and advanced eye exams, it was revealed that the older Nuguid had Cataracts on both his eyes, causing the need for surgery.

“I was supposed to have LASIK but instead, I have Cataract on both eyes. Cataract Surgery was the one I needed and I had it. It felt good. I now have clear eyesight again!”

With the proper diagnosis and plan, Luis still got his wish. He now has a brighter vision after a highly-successful Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery at Shinagawa on both his eyes.

Nina and Aggy expressed their joy after seeing their father enjoying his brand new sharp vision.

“Everything went well with our dad’s Cataract surgery for both his eyes at Shinagawa. We can tell that everything went well. He now has no problems with his eyes, no complications, no side effects and nothing bad happened,” said Nina.

“Believe it or not, his vision is now 20/15. His vision now is even clearer than the normal 20/20. He can now drive better, cook and watch TV. He’s doing all things more comfortably again,” shared Aggy.

The sisters then pointed out the differences with Shinagawa’s Premium Cataract Surgery and the reasons why their dad is now having the luxury of seeing the world better again.

“We’re really impressed with Shinagawa’s advanced technology, especially the machine (Catalys) used for our dad’s Cataract surgery. It took only less 30 minutes for the whole process already with no downtime. Shinagawa’s Premier Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery is more advanced than the traditional one as it is even safer and accurate, plus it is bladeless,” added the sisters.

After what their dad experienced, the sisters would want others to have the same gift as well that’s why they dropped a simple tip.

“If you have parents, Lolo, Lola, auntie, Tito, or even yourself, want to have a normal and brighter vision, we highly-recommend Shinagawa.”

A man of few words, Luis was still able to squeeze in some to express just how he feels with his bright eyesight.

“It felt good. I now have clear eyesight again!” expressed Luis.

Watch Luis Nuguid’s Cataract Surgery Journey with Shinagawa: and subscribe to our official YouTube Channel!

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