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5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Wrecks Your Skin

“You got no rules, to be fabulous and gorgeous.” There are no rules for you to be pretty but abusing your skin by sleep deprivation can result in a bad effect your skin.
Here are five reasons why lack of sleep can have long term damage to your skin.

1. Can make you look older
When you sleep, your body recharges and your skin as well. Skin cells have time to repair themselves from daily damage, but when you are sleep deprived, your skin will not be able to heal itself and may increase your skin’s aging process.
2. Can cause breakouts
Stress hormone level naturally drops at night. Disrupting a good sleep cycle can cause oil glands to stimulate continuously, which can make you more likely to have acne breakouts.
3. Can cause dark circles
Having a dark circle is one of the common effects of sleep deprivation. Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are.
4. Can cause dull skin
Not having a good quality of sleep can increase your stress hormone level which triggers inflammation. Inflammation breaks down the proteins in the skin that keep skin smooth and radiant, in other words, it will lead your skin to have a dull complexion.
5. Can make your skin dry
Sleeping can rebalance the body’s hydration and helps to smooth out wrinkles in the skin. If you miss out on sleep it can also affect the moisture levels in your skin and lower your complexion’s PH level. This imbalance causes your skin to not produce the moisture it so desperately needs, leading to drier skin.

Getting enough sleep hours is very important. With the right Skin Rejuvenation treatments, improvements on the skin and physical appearance will no longer be difficult to achieve. There is a wide variety of skin treatment you can choose at Shinagawa that will surely bring youthful feels for you.

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