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Key Precautions To Take After LASIK

Just like other surgeries and medical procedures, following the doctor’s orders, and necessary instructions are significant in LASIK to avoid any complications and have a successful process.

As you may know, the recovery time for LASIK is drastically quicker compared to other surgeries. However, to make that possible, a patient also needs to do its part well for things to go right as it should be. Post-operation care is important and required to obtain expected outcomes.

With that, here are the important precautions after LASIK that you should strictly comply with for proper healing to be ensured:

1. Take a much-needed nap the soonest after LASIK – Automatically, a LASIK patient will be required to take an immediate rest and sleep for a few hours after the surgery as sleeping will radically reduce the natural discomfort and speed up the recovery.

2. Wear protective eye shields – Right after LASIK, you will be provided a protective eye shield and you should wear that, accordingly. It is essential for you to wear the provided shields, even when sleeping, for the first few days after the surgery to protect your eyes from infection and you from rubbing them to avoid disruption of the corneal flap.

3. Wear sunglasses – Since your eyes are expected to be extra sensitive to sunlight, it’s also important for you to make sure you wear sunglasses when you go out for at least a week after LASIK. Exposure to UV Rays makes your eyes susceptible to scarring or regression.

4. Take medications as prescribed – You will also be provided various eye drops that you would need to apply in a timely manner as well as medicines to help ease the discomfort and fast-track the recovery. The prescribed medications are there to help you prevent infection and irritation, and reduce inflammation.

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5. Don’t rub your eyes – It’s going to be tempting and it’s tough to put your hands off of your eyes but you have to. As mentioned, the protective eye shields are there because you simply cannot touch your eyes after LASIK. If you touch and rub your eyes, there’s a chance that the corneal flap created in the procedure might be displaced, leading to possible complications. You will be strongly advised to avoid rubbing your eyes for a month after LASIK.

6. Avoid makeup – For girls, it’s difficult to not have makeup for a prolonged stretch but if you happen to have LASIK, you should refrain from wearing makeup for at least a week, except the eye area, after your procedure. Applying makeup in your face, especially around your eye area, creates a risk of accidental injury to your corneal flap or infection from contaminated makeup products. Eye makeup should be allowed a month after LASIK.

7. Avoid strenuous exercised and activities – Any physical and strenuous sports or activities are strictly prohibited for a month after LASIK for obvious reasons. You will know from your post-operation checkups when you can be cleared for more physical activities.

8. Get in touch with your doctor right away if you experience any of these – Constant pain and irritation in the eye, prolonged body sensation, or persistent burning and tearing.

At Shinagawa, you will be oriented properly prior to your LASIK to make sure that everything will be done to achieve the excellent results that are expected from the procedure.

For more questions regarding pre and post LASIK care, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 so we can attend to you.

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