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When Does Itchy Skin Become A Serious Problem?

At what point does your itchy skin become a cause of concern?

That’s a valid question most people would want some sort of answer for them to assess whether it’s time to take drastic actions or not.

These symptoms are definitely indicative that you should perhaps see a dermatologist regarding your itchy skin.

Generalized itching

If your itching is felt all over – not just in specific spots – and felt at all times regardless of the season or time of day.

Extended itching

If it’s been more than four weeks of trying these home remedies and there’s still no relief.

Visible rash

If your rash is red and scaly, more than just dry skin.

Bleeding and pain

If your skin is cracked and bleeding and causing enough pain to wake up during the night.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these, it’s most definitely time to reach out to an experienced dermatologist to see if there’s a cause of concern. Ours is more than capable of handling your itchy skin!

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