Joy Limgenco Finally Got What She Deserves

Joy Limgenco Finally Got What She Deserves

Yes, we all deserve a bright eyesight. That’s what Joy Limgenco felt after spending more than half of her existence with a blurred vision.

“After all the opportunities that came knocking on my door to consider having a LASIK surgery, everything fell into place and I finally decided to give it a go. It was the best decision ever!” shared Joy, a team manager.

“Right after passing the LASIK screening, I wasted no time getting those new eyes. From an eye grade of 800, to 20/12 vision! Beat that!”

Joy shared how she finally came to her decision of having LASIK as she felt enough was enough.

“Wearing eyeglasses since high school days was never easy. I can’t enjoy swimming on summers and other things. I learned to live with life’s inconveniences for more than half of my existence for having a blurred vision, and this was my normal.”

“Pandemic came and wearing glasses (together with the face mask and face shield) just became much more difficult to handle… and they said, this was the new normal. Felt like I was forced to accept this fate like most of us, thinking I really didn’t have any choice. But thankfully, I did.”

The amazing experience at Shinagawa makes it even sweeter for her.

“Thank you for this gift and the amazing experience, Shinagawa! I deserve this!”

If she deserves it, you deserve it, too! Schedule your LASIK screening now to be on your way to achieving brighter vision!

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