Lasik and Sports

Lasik and Sports : Winning Combination

If you use glasses or contacts, sports can seem like a distant memory.

It is highly suggested that you use eye protection in addition to glasses or contacts when participating in team sports such as basketball. Individual sports such as running and tennis may not necessarily require protective eyewear, but throughout a marathon or a long tennis match, your glasses or contacts may begin to feel like lead weights, or your contacts may itch and burn.

Do you want a better option? Consider a different combination: LASIK and sports.

Focus on what Counts

If you’re new to a sport, glasses or contacts may appear unimportant. However, many sportsmen grow frustrated at the need to continually carry protective lenses or make sure they don’t lose contact just before a big game. If you lose contact or damage your protective eyewear, your field performance will be affected. You won’t realize your full potential, regardless of your talent. Contacts or glasses are holding you back.

Not to mention the cost of purchasing new prescription sunglasses and protective eyewear. Basketball, badminton, baseball, kayaking, and mountain riding may require two or three pairs of glasses. Corrective glasses for the house, gym, sun, and water might be expensive.

Improved Performance

LASIK patients can attain 20/10 eyesight, which benefits athletes. Clear vision aids basketball, diving, football, and table tennis players. Not all gifted athletes have “normal” sight. LASIK and sports are now linked. Laser vision correction from Shinagawa helps many athletes.

PBA players June Mar Fajardo, and Alex Cabagnot, and volleyball players Mika Reyes and Denise Lazaro have had successful procedures.

LASIK reshapes your eye’s outer layer to direct light onto your cornea. This will help you see 20/20—sometimes even 20/10. Shinagawa surgeons can improve your vision in 10 minutes using the latest excimer laser technology. You’ll see a big change the next day. You can play, skate, or run again in a few weeks. LASIK or not, contact sports require eye protection.

Don’t let glasses or contacts hold you back. LASIK and sports are a winning combination that can help you maximize performance.

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