LASIK Blog Story of Sylver Valenton

Charmaine Caventa-Valenton Happy for Husband Sylver After LASIK

Like any wife, Charmaine Caventa-Valenton wanted the best for her husband Sylver and she made sure he will get it.

Sylver underwent ULTRA LASIK Advanced to achieve the vision he always wanted. Charmaine couldn’t be any happier.

“Thank you Shinagawa BGC for my husband’s (Sylver Valenton) successful ULTRA LASIK Advanced procedure! From 525/425 with astigmatism, to 20/10 vision!” said Charmaine of her husband’s life-changing moment.

“Goodbye Eyeglasses and Contact lenses. Say hi to my 20/10 Vision,” added Sylver.

Sylver dealt with contacts and specs for 17 long years before finally turning the tides.

“It’s a dream come true for Sylver! Goodbye to 17 years of wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses!”

You know you want what’s best for your partner, too! Schedule a LASIK screening for your loved one!

“The staff of Shinagawa are all accommodating. Highly recommended!”

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