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LASIK Delivers Immediate Results That Last

LASIK is a vision correction surgery that is usually done to enhance a person’s lifestyle. The results are often immediate and last a lifetime.

The recovery period during LASIK involves a low level of work and caution to get through. Once recovery finishes, you can begin to experience your new vision!

Here are a few ways that LASIK changes life:

Eliminating Limits

Glasses and contacts can be super restrictive on your lifestyle. They are notorious for being easy to forget or lose and can break due to their fragile nature. In other terms, they can hold you back.

Not having to worry about being able to see frees you up to do the things you love to do. After LASIK you can enjoy activities without the limits of glasses or contacts!

Travel is another big one. You can travel without LASIK, but losing your contacts while on vacation ruins it. You also have to worry about packing extra contacts, spare glasses, and solution.

Forgetting any of these things is guaranteed to make your life more difficult. That is a lot of small things to forget, lose, or run out of.

Another is your ability to lead an active lifestyle. Of course, people with glasses can live healthy lives, but it is more difficult with glasses. Wearing glasses when playing a sport is dangerous because they can fall off and get broken.

Not to mention, trying to be active in glasses is distracting and hard to do. Lenses fog up and frames slide down your nose, taking you out of the moment and destroying your focus.

Have you ever seen something that you wanted to try but felt like you couldn’t because of glasses? You’re not alone. Glasses are a wonderful short-term strategy for sight but they shouldn’t be a permanent solution. Life after LASIK is a beautiful thing to experience, trust us!

More Savings on Quick Fixes

The upfront cost of LASIK may seem challenging, but it’s a worthy investment.

After LASIK, say goodbye to spending money on glasses and contacts! If you added it up, you spend thousands of pesos each year on glasses, contacts, and accessories.

Getting LASIK in your mid to late twenties could mean saving thousands over the course of your life! Think of what you could do with all the money you saved. You could plan that perfect tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of, or buy a fancy purse. The opportunities are endless!

You do need to be at least 18 years old to receive LASIK. You should also have a prescription that has been stable for a year or more.

Learn more about LASIK and what it can do for you during a LASIK consultation and screening at Shinagawa. You don’t have to live a life held back by glasses or contacts forever!

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