Lyqa Maravilla: Ending 25 Years of Blurriness

Lyqa Maravilla: Ending 25 Years of Blurriness

“Let’s talk about life-changing experiences.”

For more than half her life, Lyqa Maravilla had been wearing glasses and it wasn’t exactly the best feeling.

It was a longtime dream of hers to have clear vision and she knew she needed to make that dream come true. Enter LASIK.

“I’ll always remember it (LASIK) as the day that changed my life,” shared Lyqa, a Motivational Speaker and Content Creator.

“I think it still feels like a dream because it (LASIK) was so quick, and I was up and about and seeing clearly after a couple of hours. Grabe talaga!

Would you believe she wore glasses for a quarter of a decade? That’s 25 years!

“I’ve been wearing glasses for the past 25 years. It’s the first thing I reach for when I wake up and the last thing I take off at night. It still feels like a dream to see things clearly without them on.”

As she now enjoys a better life with her better vision, she expressed her gratitude with how it all turned out.

“Thank you to everyone from Shinagawa for the gift of clear vision and a truly life-changing experience. Everyone was so kind and patient.”

Dreams do come true. We want your dream vision to be next! Schedule your LASIK Screening now!

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