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Martin Del Rosario Enjoys Life To The Fullest After LASIK

Tapings and shoots are finally much easier and more fun for Martin Del Rosario.

Now enjoying a bright vision after LASIK, the actor explains the life-changing difference that Shinagawa made for him.

“I’ve always had bad vision. I started having vision problems in my grade school years, got even worse as the years passed. Then I developed a bad case of astigmatism in my high school years. It wasn’t easy hurdling the challenges of having to deal with it”, explained Martin.

“As a student and as a budding actor at that time, I had to deal with the hassle of having to wear corrective glasses the whole day. During tapings or shootings, I usually had bouts of migraine every time I had to remove my glasses when it was time to do our thing on the set.”

Not wanting to prolong his sufferings, Martin finally had LASIK to solve his sight problems.

“Then, came the time when I decided to finally put an end to all the discomfort!” he bared.

“Thanks to Shinagawa for paving the way for me to enjoy perfect vision again. With the latest LASIK technology, I can now enjoy life to its fullest.”

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