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Myths About LASIK That You Should Know

Myth: LASIK causes scar tissue around the flap edge.

Fact: No, LASIK doesn’t cause scar at all. LASIK is one of the safest surgeries in the entire world.  In the US alone, since the approval of LASIK by the FDA in 1996, over 20 million procedures have been done with a high rate of success and patient satisfaction.

Myth: The cornea is permanently weaker after LASIK.

Fact: Not necessarily the case. That’s why there’s a screening to see if a LASIK hopeful’s cornea is strong enough for the procedure. The cornea has many layers and after LASIK, not all will regenerate fully, if it did, then the effect of LASIK would be reversed.

Myth: Visual outcomes of LASIK decline over time.

Fact: Not at all. In fact, it is the contrary. The corrective effect of LASIK lasts a lifetime. Other eye conditions (cataract, presbyopia, etc.) that occur naturally as we age are not because of LASIK.

Myth: LASIK complications have led to depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and suicide.

Fact: First of all, LASIK complications are minimal to none. That’s why the LASIK screening prior to the procedure determines if it is healthy for a patient to undergo it or not, preventing any complications. All patients undergo a comprehensive eye exam and LASIK consultation with the surgeon to make sure that you get the very best and safest that Shinagawa has to offer.

False claims about LASIK are squashed as it is proven and tested to be a magnificent procedure that has helped, and continues to help, millions of people all over the world have a good and brighter vision.

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