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Night Time Skincare Mistakes That Sabotages Beauty Goals

Yes, how you treat your skin at night affects how you look and feel when you wake up in the morning.

Avoid making common beauty missteps, and you’ll be on your way to maximizing the benefits of beauty sleep.

For all the beatings that your skin takes during the day — from the sun, pollution, scratches, and makeup — the chance for your complexion to restore and renew while you sleep is important for maintaining youthful skin as the years go by. Sleeping well pays off as it has been associated with less skin aging compared with poor sleepers, and those who lacked shut-eye were more likely to have a compromised skin barrier.

Beauty sleep is a real phenomenon, and you can help make the most of it by practicing good skin-care habits at night.

According to derma experts, here are some night time skincare mistakes that can contribute to potential skin problems:

  1. Not Washing Your Face To End Your Day

Admit it, there are days that you’re too lazy to drag yourself and wash your face. Hopefully, you can stop that bad habit.

It’s been a long day, you’re dead tired, and for sure, all you want to do is face-plant into your pillow. But please, wash your face first before doing that. Washing removes the dirt and pollution that’s accumulated on the skin throughout the day, something that can contribute to acne and accelerate the aging process.

  1. Relying On The Wrong Antioxidant At Night

Some antioxidants are best saved for the morning, most notably vitamin C. That’s because they neutralize free radicals that assault skin all day. Free radicals are substances that attack and damage healthy cells, contributing to disease throughout the body.

  1. Scrubbing Your Skin Too Hard And Too Often

Just like you don’t want to be too hands-off with your daily night time habits, you don’t want to get too enthusiastic, either. Resist the urge to scrub or exfoliate routinely. For one, it’s redundant — a retinoid is already doing the work stimulating cell turnover. Combining a retinoid and scrub also increases the risk of an irritation flare-up. Once a week is likely safe for your skin, she says; any more often is overdoing it. All that’s left to do is wake up more beautiful tomorrow.

Are you committing any of these three mistakes? If you’re unsure of what’s best for your skin, there’s only one way to go.

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