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Post-LASIK Bucket List: Exciting Things To Do After Your Procedure

LASIK works to make life easier by eliminating your dependency on glasses and contacts. It gives you the freedom to chase adventure and pursue your goals without having to consider how poor eyesight holds you back.

Glasses and contact lenses only provide a temporary solution to vision problems. Though they may work fine at the moment, they not only burden the wearer with recurring costs, but they add additional steps to your daily routine. Even more, they can make it more difficult or even impossible to accomplish everything you want, thereby adding more stress and barriers to your life.

When you opt for LASIK, however, many of the downsides of wearing contacts and glasses are resolved.

The procedure only lasts an average of 10 minutes while the recovery time usually takes no longer than 24 hours. This means you won’t have to wait long before you can enjoy life with improved vision.

Needless to say, by improving eyesight and reducing or eliminating the dependency on glasses and contacts, LASIK can offer you a new level of freedom that wasn’t possible pre-procedure.

What you will do first with your newfound freedom? To help you plan your post-LASIK adventures, we’ve compiled a bucket list of activities you can fully enjoy after your LASIK eye surgery.

Try out a new sport – Glasses can make it more difficult to play sports, as frames can easily fall off with sudden or quick movement. As such, many players must wear contact lenses or sports goggles, though these are prone to fogging up and reducing peripheral vision. However, following LASIK eye surgery, many players are able to participate in their sport of choice without requiring glasses or contacts, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Learn martial arts or self-defense – Though you can train and warm up with glasses, sparring is never recommended while wearing a pair of frames. Your glasses will be prone to fogging up, sliding down, or even flying off your face. Contacts are a better option but there’s still a risk they could fall out if you take a blow to the face. The improved vision that LASIK offers mean you can try out martial arts or self-defense without having to deal with the problems that glasses and contacts pose.

Go scuba diving – Did you know that you can’t scuba dive while wearing glasses? This is because glasses prevent the dive mask from properly sealing over your face. While it’s possible to scuba dive with contacts, there’s also a chance you may lose one, impeding your experience. Needless to say, this is one activity that’s made easier (and less stressful) after you’ve had LASIK eye surgery.

Take a camping trip off the grid – There’s no denying that glasses and contacts are an inconvenience when it comes to camping. It’s a struggle to successfully sanitize your contact lenses, while glasses are prone to breaking if you plan on hiking, swimming, or doing another outdoor activity. That’s why you should plan an epic camping trip following your LASIK procedure. However long you choose to go for, you won’t be bogged down worrying if your contacts and glasses will survive the trip.

Take a hot air balloon ride – You need clear vision to take a hot air balloon ride – otherwise, how will you enjoy the view? Although glasses may work fine, there’s always the concern they could slide off your face and over the side of the balloon while you’re in the air. That’s why this is one activity you should wait to try until after you’ve had LASIK eye surgery so you can fully enjoy the view from up high.

Go sky diving – You may be surprised to learn that you can wear glasses or contacts while skydiving, as many centers provide goggles that are designed to accommodate both. However, many folks find it uncomfortable wearing goggles over the top of their glasses, so you may be more relaxed completing this activity after you’ve had your LASIK eye surgery.

Do you have more ideas on what you would want to do and try right after LASIK? Yes, we know how exciting that is!

If you’re interested in learning more about how LASIK eye surgery or another vision correction procedure can transform your life, book a consultation today.

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