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Preventing & Treating Mask-Induced Breakouts

Before the coronavirus, the majority of us went about our days with uncovered faces (or had the option to). Now we’re all supposed to wear face masks when we go out in public.

Wrapping half your face in layers of fabric isn’t especially comfortable or good for your skin.

Friction from rubbing the mask against the face disrupts the outer skin layer, leading to inflammation. The masks also trap humidity, creating an environment that causes a buildup of oil and dirt on the skin and allows microorganisms like fungi and bacteria to grow.

It’s a bit more challenging to maintain our skin during this pandemic, given the unique circumstances we’re facing.

That’s why more and more people are suffering from breakouts, or ‘maskne’, due to the required and excessive wearing of masks and face shields.

While our world has fundamentally changed, we should remain committed to the routines we can control, skincare being one.

To prevent mask-induced breakouts, continue your regular skincare routine, but with gentle cleansers. You may need to exfoliate more too. As the weather warms, try to keep the area covered by the mask clean and dry as best you can. Of course, this means regularly washing your mask too.

It’s important for people to regain that sense of routine even if most are currently staying at home more than usual.

Your beauty and skin routine should include a necessary visit to an expert dermatologist.

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