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Signs You May Have Presbyopia

The natural lens in the front of the human eye helps keep the vision in focus by filtering light to the retina at the back of the eye. Presbyopia occurs when the lens begins to stiffen and change shape as we age. Near vision is slowly impaired as this lens loses the elasticity that supports crisp, clear focus.

1. You’ve reached 40 years old or older

Presbyopia is one of the most common vision issues for adults between 41 and 60. Near vision loss affects everyone differently, so pay attention to your eye health and see an experienced eye doctor if you notice any changes.

2. More Frequent Headaches

Eye strain from presbyopia can cause headaches. If you experience headaches after long periods of reading or computer work, ask your doctor if reading glasses could help.

3. Rubbing Your Eyes More Frequently

This is another symptom that can be chalked up to eye strain. In the initial stages of presbyopia, your eyes may feel irritated from working to overcome focusing challenges. Frequent eye rubbing can cause dark under-eye circles or bloodshot eyes.

4. Your Arms Suddenly Aren’t Long Enough

As presbyopia progresses, you may find yourself holding books, newspapers, or your phone further away from your face in order to see clearly. You may not even notice at first, but when you begin to use your full reach to hold your phone away from your face, it could be time for reading glasses.

5. Squinting More Often

Many people hold off on getting eyeglasses since presbyopia can progress slowly. However, if you are often squinting when trying to focus, then it is time to see the eye doctor.

6. You Have Unwillingly Scaled Back Your Makeup Routine

There is nothing wrong with barefaced beauty! But what happens when you want to wear makeup but you can’t focus well on up-close tasks like applying eyeliner? Talk to your eye doctor about presbyopia treatment options if you are a cosmetics lover who has started skimping on your makeup routine because vision gets in the way.

7. You See Halos Often

Circles of light can be pretty on holiday decorations, but not when they are impeding your vision while driving. If your vision blurs in a way that creates a halo-like effect around car headlights, street lights, or other objects, then it is time to check in with your eye doctor.

If you feel that you might have presbyopia, we can check your eyes and provide a corresponding solution — PresbyMax.

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