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Simple Tips In Aging Gracefully

We all grow older. It’s inevitable for us to have changes and signs of aging as our life mileage continues to go.

Still, that does not mean that you cannot age gracefully. Aging is inescapable but you can surely fight it and its signs off by taking good care of yourself and your skin, for that matter.

A healthy lifestyle is certainly the biggest key in terms of living and staying young, both by looks and by heart. Maintaining a happy life, healthy diet and habits and having a good and effective skin care routine is another way to help you stay radiant and young regardless of your advancing age.

In line with that, here are some simple tips you can observe to maintain a smooth and tight skin to keep your fountain of youth running:

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  1. Constantly Moisturize – As you age and grow older, it becomes more essential for you to properly keep your skin hydrated. As the years pile up, our skin naturally becomes much drier. Hence, it is that important for you to regularly moisturize your skin to fight off dryness.

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  1. Avoid Habitual Rubbing Of Your Face – It might seem that it’s normal to touch your face every now and then but little did you know that that habit can cause irritation. Improper rubbing and touching of your face, especially when your hands are dirty, can cause sagging skin and wrinkles. You should start refraining from touching your face, if unnecessary, tugging your skin when putting facial products, as well as rubbing your eyes, the most sensitive part of your face. That way, you help avoid certain damages.

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  1. Weekly Exfoliate – Aside from being drier, your skin cells tend to regenerate slower as you age. Shedding dead skin cells is significantly slower opposed to when you were much younger. You can counter that by exfoliating at least twice a week with either a chemical or physical exfoliant. This will considerably help keep your skin healthy, bright, smooth, and younger-looking for your own good and glow!

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  1. Comprehensively Take Off Your Make-Up – When removing your makeup, you have to make it a point that you don’t leave anything behind as that will certainly affect your skin and face. Forgetting to remove your make-up, or not removing it completely, at night before going to sleep has its own consequences.

That can be a cause of damaged skin, face and aging.

A simple wipe or washing of your face is most often not enough to completely remove your makeup. A use of micellar water and a reliable facial cleanser are required to be able to effectively remove make-up. That way, it will be easier for you to make sure that there will be no residue left on your pores.

Aside from this, of course, it is important for you to have your regular facials and visits to a dermatologist to make sure your skin is getting the appropriate monitoring and treatment that it deserves.

Shinagawa Aesthetics is here to help you do the rest of the caring for your skin.

To know what treatments are best for your skin, our dermatologists are ready to give you a FREE consultation. Just contact our Patient Care Lines (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 for an appointment.

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