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The Best Way To Prevent Scarring

Naturally, we want to minimize inflammation or further trauma to the skin after cutting it open to avoid further damage.

Here’s how to lessen your chances of scarring:

Clean the wound – As soon as you’re injured, clean the affected area with soap and water to get rid of any bacteria and prevent infection.

Keep it moist and covered – You might’ve grown up learning to keep cuts dry, but the opposite is true. Keeping it moist is best to prevent a scar. Use petroleum jelly on your wound, and bandage it up to let it heal.

Avoid bacitracin – Resist the temptation to apply topical ointment, as 8% of people are actually allergic to it — which can further inflame the area and increase the likelihood of scarring.

Minimize movement – Every time the scar moves, it’s going to alter the formation for a wider or thicker scar. Give your wound time to heal by not overexerting the injured area.

Leave those scabs alone – Scabs are our skin’s natural bandages, so keep your fingers off of them and let them do their thing. Picking will only prolong your injury and keep it from healing. Think you’re picking at scabs in your sleep? Purchase a pair of cotton gloves to wear to bed.

In summary, the bottom line is don’t let it crust up, keep it moist, keep it clean, keep it covered, and minimize tension to avoid scarring.

Advanced treatments such as RevLite SI and Fractional Laser CO2 can take care of your nasty scars.

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