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The Life-Changing Effect Of LASIK

After pondering about having LASIK for quite some time, patient Em Millan eventually decided that it was best to have it soonest for a brighter vision and life.

“I just wanted to have LASIK, get it over and done with, to finally have that feeling of liberation. My eye grade then was 275/350,” bared Em.

It took only around 24 hours for Em to get right back to work after the life-changing LASIK procedure.

“The morning after I had LASIK, I woke up and there wasn’t any discomfort at all and I went back to work right away with bright eyesight.”

Em also shared just how difficult it was back then to have to wear contact lenses and eyeglasses. “I thought I could live forever with wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses but I imagined the liberation from being free from wearing both. Back then, every time I pack things, I always have to bring contacts or glasses and sometimes forget to bring them with me.”

“I can now relate when people usually say that having LASIK is the best decision ever”, expressed Em.

You yourself can eventually relate to them by having LASIK for a better life! Schedule your screening with us!

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