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What Is Micellar Water?

Peek inside the medicine cabinets of models, celebrities, and makeup artists, and there’s a very good chance that you’ll see a bottle of micellar cleansing water.

This skin-care product that looks and feels just like regular water is finally picking up stateside for its ability to remove makeup, cleanse, and tone with just a few light swipes of a cotton ball. With micellar waters, even the toughest waterproof makeup, melts cleanly off skin with zero irritation.

They contain no alcohol and are comprised of only dirt-loving micelle molecules that attach to makeup and debris to break it down.

Micellar water is a combination of purified water; hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin; and low concentrations of extremely mild surfactants.

When you wipe a cotton ball soaked with the cleanser along your face, the micelles adhere to the cotton while pulling makeup, sebum, and any other daily unpleasantness off the skin.

The formulas are so light and gentle that there’s no need to rinse them off, which means that the moisturizing ingredients can stay behind to be absorbed.

Micellar water is a great option for people with sensitive or dry skin, late nights where low maintenance is required, traveling or camping when access to water is limited, and anyone who wants to restore or protect their skin’s natural moisture barrier or avoid harsh chemicals. Micellar water is non-abrasive, hydrating, and easy to use correctly.

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