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What Is Skin Fasting & Why Should You Try It This 2021

If you’re looking for something new and healthy for your skin this 2021, you might want to take a look at Skin Fasting and try it this year.

More and more people are getting serious about skincare, and it’s essential too. But what’s more necessary is to have knowledge about skincare terms, products, and their uses. This is what brings us to talk about how you must also give a beak to using all your skincare products for a few weeks. It’s called skin fasting. Well, the year is about to end, and we suggest you start right away. And before you start wondering how to go about it, here is everything that you should know.

What is skin fasting?

It is a term that is used to describe the concept of taking a little break from your usual skincare routine. You can do this either by reducing the number of products you use or stopping them altogether. Basically, it’s like the fasting you practice with your diet, except this is for the skin.

How to skin fast safely?

If you still want to try skin fasting, it is recommended to switch out one product for a certain period of time only so that you can reconstruct your routine instead of resetting it all together. This will help you decipher what products are working for your skin and which could be the ones that you can skip.

Basic skincare shouldn’t be avoided, especially cleansing and sunscreen. If the skin is not cleaned regularly, excess sebum will attract dirt and grime and make skin dull and prone to bacterial infection as well as acne.

Looking for more fitting practices and treatments for your skin this 2021?

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