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Who Benefits From LASIK?

LASIK constantly helps millions of people worldwide enjoy the convenience and freedom that crystal-clear vision provides.

How would your life be if you’re no longer held back by a blurry vision? How would your life change if you’re no longer limited by your glasses or contacts?

Our LASIK patients at Shinagawa can answer that for you as they themselves know the night and day difference.

Here are some of those who benefit from LASIK and the brighter vision it instantly delivers:

Busy Professionals

LASIK defeats eye strain and fatigue, helping do-it-all professionals in their careers on a daily basis.

“LASIK has definitely changed my life. I feel like I became a better person because of LASIK. I’m more present as a mother. I’m more efficient when I work. And when I do shoots, I just don’t have to think about anything else,” shared actress, endorser, and entrepreneur Isabelle Daza.

“Of course, being an ophthalmologist myself, I need to have a sharp vision that can help me further in my profession,” expressed Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol. “That’s why I had LASIK here in our very own clinic here at Shinagawa to improve my eyesight and it was so smooth and very comfortable.”

Super Moms and Dads

LASIK lessens stress for hardworking moms and dads every day by taking away their visual problems.

“Taking care of three kids all at the same time is no joke. My bright vision makes it easier as I won’t have to deal anymore with problems with glasses, something that used to get lost and broken often. Given also my work and my started career as a mom-vlogger, this brighter vision definitely gives me a lot of advantage now,” said Jaye Magyani-Vijandre, a dedicated mother of three.

Outdoor Adventurers

LASIK gives active people and outdoor adventurers freedom to explore minus all the worries.

“It just feels surreal to finally be able to see the world crystal clear again as I seem to have forgotten the feeling of having a normal vision. It feels amazing to wake up and see everything a lot clearer than before without putting my glasses on, which is something I never thought would happen one day,” said Diana Bejo, a constant traveler.

In a lot of ways, LASIK is bound to enhance a person’s life by significantly improving one’s vision for a better lifestyle.

Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 and see how LASIK can help you have a better life.

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