Be FAB, say goodbye to FLAB! Arm LipoSculpture at 65K ONLY!

Transform your arms for a slimmer and better you!

It only takes around an hour for you to get the beach body that you always aimed for. Be FAB, say goodbye to FLAB! Prepare your body for those curvy clothes you aim at wearing.

It’s never too late for you to get that fab body that you can confidently flaunt as Shinagawa offers Arms LipoSculpture, the solution to your sagging arms!

Have this amazing procedure, along with four sessions of a radio frequency (RF) treatment for skin tightening, all for ONLY 65K* until August 15, 2018, only!

Let’s throw away all those unwanted flabs in your arms and instead, have a tighter and fitter upper body this rainy season!

Book an appointment and speak with our certified beauty consultants for full details.

Learn more about this body-enhancing treatment:

Arms LipoSculpture

Arms LipoSculpture is a 1-hour out-patient, fat-cut liposuction procedure that effectively transforms your arms to give them a trimmed, youthful outlook. Liposuction of the arms gives a slimmer appearance which will give the rest of the body a more contoured look and feel.

This is the subtle change that you need for the appearance of your arms to give you the noticeably younger and slimmer body you’re looking for this summer.

How is this treatment performed?

In this body contouring liposuction procedure, hanging skin, excess and deposit of fats are to be trimmed away and removed by our well-experienced surgeons. Skin taut will then be pulled for it to conform, accordingly, to your arms’ new and better contours.

Are you a good candidate?

While liposuction is easy and an instant fix, there are really no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle. Before a patient can undergo liposuction, our doctors will first look at their body-mass index (BMI) to check if it’s okay for them to undergo the procedure.

Given their expertise, our doctors will have their best recommendations for what’s best for you. Those who meet the necessary health qualifications may be great candidates for liposuction.