Is LASIK for you?
This is GREAT news!
Maxicare is NOW HONORED.

Need more details?

Here’s how:

In partnership with Maxicare, cardholders now have the privilege to pursue their journey towards a crystal clear vision with Shinagawa Lasik Center.

Consult your membership card benefit with Maxicare. This will determine whether your benefits are covered with Shinagawa’s LASIK procedure.

If LASIK coverage has been confirmed with Maxicare or with your respective HR or Compensation and Benefits Officer, kindly send us your Full Name, Contact Number and Email Address. Our LASIK Consultants will assist you with the required documents.

If you are not entitled, you may still enjoy our Z LASIK offer at 60K inclusive of comprehensive eye check and LASIK screening.

Terms & Conditions:

    • Z LASIK at 60K rate is inclusive of 3K comprehensive eye exam.
    • Patient must be 18 years old and above.
    • Patient MUST undergo full screening, to assess if qualified for a LASIK procedure.
    • If patient is found ineligible for LASIK, Php 3,000 will be charged for the comprehensive eye exam.
    • Surgery to be scheduled from Mondays to Thursdays only. Prior appointment is required.
    • To avail of this special rate (payable in cash or credit card only), please present Maxicare Card on your scheduled visit.
    • To know if your existing health card covers LASIK, please contact Maxicare directly.

We can’t wait to be part of your journey to perfect vision!