Is Fractional CO2 Laser the Right Treatment for You?

Is Fractional CO2 Laser the Right Treatment for You?

Are you conscious of how you look when you gaze in the mirror? Do you start to think of ways to counter the signs of aging? Do you start to consider buying different anti-aging products to that promise to defy time.

Buying over the counter products that promise to make your skin go back to its youthful glow may help but you have no assurance how far it would go.

While there are tons of beauty products that are available in the market that promise great result, nothing can rejuvenate and restore your like laser treatments does.

Invest in more effective treatment such as Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing.

How Fractional CO2 Laser Works?

The Laser Beam targets fraction of the skin and divides it into thousands of microscopic treatment zones. It gets rid of old epidermal cells and starts to remodel. Formation of new collagen will also begin which is responsible for giving skin elasticity.

Fractional CO2 Laser transforms, rejuvenates and restores your skin to its youthful radiance.

Here are your possible skin problems that Fractional CO2 Laser can solve:

Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Deep Acne Scars
Deep Acne Scars



Fractional CO2 Laser is truly a big leap in technology for dermatology.

Why it’s best to have Fractional CO2 Laser in trusted clinic like Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics?

There are a lot of skin clinic that can offer Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment but what Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics can do for you is to give you a consultation from an expert cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist that can give you further diagnosis of your skin problem.

Remember, treatment depends on the severity of the scarring or aging signs, doctors are the most credible to assess if Fractional CO2 Laser is the best treatment for you.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment in the Philippines is affordable nowadays. In fact, Shinagawa Fractional CO2 price is very reasonable and most importantly, worth every peso.

Be as beautiful as you can be with this amazing derma treatment!

The ‘Z-Prime’ Solution for your Eyes

The ‘Z-Prime’ Solution for your Eyes

When surgery comes into a person’s mind, it is always associated with fear, anxiety and worry. Not only because of the known ‘word-of-mouth’ gravity of the procedure, and sometimes the appearance of the pieces of equipment that will be used, but also and most importantly, the cost of the procedure.

Surgery used to be painful, horrific and dangerous in approximately equal measures. It was usually the last resort for both patient and practitioner. But now, with the arrival of new technologies, surgery became less of a hassle and more of a solution. Medical technology advancements enable people to do things we only dreamt of just ten years ago, especially in improving the quality of life.

Like any other surgery, there are also risks involved, and patients should be fully-informed before they undergo the procedure. Laser surgery is not for everyone.

The Food and Drug Association reviewed clinical data from Lasik laser manufacturers and said that if laser is done properly and on the right patients, it will indeed be successful. Eye doctors must carefully evaluate their patients, in order for the benefits to outweigh the risks. They shall be the ones to determine if their patient is eligible for screening. The following are some of the disqualifications from having lasik eye surgery:

  • Having changes in your contact lenses or glasses prescription in the past year
  • Diabetes
  • Taking medications that may affect wound healing such as cortical steroid
  • Glaucoma
  • herpes

The patients should in turn let the doctor be aware of any eye or medical condition they have.

LASIK is a very sophisticated technology, but the procedure is straightforward. It is also deemed as the most popular technique.

Before the LASIK surgery, eye measurements should be provided.

Information of LASIKsurgery must be reviewed, so that the patients can be guided with their eye condition, before committing to the operation.

‘Windows of Light’

To qualify for Lasik, the patient needs to meet a certain range of vision of cornea and pupil size, and pass the pre-operation assessment. Then he or she will come back for the actual Lasik process, conducted by both the surgeon and the technician operating the laser machine itself.

Topical anesthetics is administered into the patient’s eyes to numb the discomfort and to prepare the patient for LASIK treatment.

Thousands of patients between the ages of 18-70 receive LASIK’s benefits in correcting refractive errors. LASIK may be an effective treatment depending on the need for cataract surgery, for patients more than 70 years old. The patient usually becomes an excellent candidate for LASIK surgery, once the cataracts have been removed. Family history of eye illnesses must be also known to the doctor.

LASIK surgery is actually a wise investment for your money. When the cost for spending on glasses, contacts and eye solutions every year is estimated, it can be assumed that it is thriftier.

LASIK Surgery

In its advocacy to help people restore their vision, Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics offers Z-PRIME LASIK treatment which is PAINLESS. Only a slight discomfort during the procedure due to the pressure sensation around the eye will be felt. Most people feel some discomfort the day after the surgery, while the eye starts to heal.

Most surgeons perform Z LASIK on both eyes the same day.

60-90 minutes is the approximate duration of the entire procedure on the treatment day. This includes preparation time for the procedure, as well as final examinations after the procedure. Actual time in the laser suite is usually about 10 to 15 minutes.

Sample Activity: Driving with Z Prime Lasik-Restored Eyes

Woman Driving

The patient may return to driving, as soon as he or she sees well enough. It is up to the doctor to determine his or her capacity to drive. However, it is generally not recommended to drive home on his or her own after the procedure.

The visual recovery itself is typically very short in Z LASIK. Within a few hours most of the patients reach 20/20 vision.

Usually patients notice the improvement of their vision immediately following the procedure. Within a few hours, most patients reach 20/20 vision. The visual recovery period after Z-LASIK is usually very short and most patients resume normal activities right after the treatment.

It is just ample to keep in mind to take precautionary measures before the surgery, follow the instructions of the experts, and maintain eye care after the procedure to guarantee the BEST RESULTS, for the eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body and they play a very FUNDAMENTAL ROLE in life’s everyday activities.

Looking for the best solution for your vision? Shinagawa Z PRIME LASIK is your LASIK solution!

Get an Angel Face Up-Lift


Morning Sunlight Philippines

Who does not want to LOOK YOUNGERMORE BEAUTIFUL AND RADIANT than ever before? Everyone has this desire to be GAZED at, ADMIREDAWED and APPRECIATED, and what better way is there than to be PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE? At a glance, the face will be the first thing that will be noticed.

One of the most important investments of actors, actresses, models, politicians, people in the customer service sectors, and other professionals is the FACE. Most people fix someone’s level of beauty by judging their face’s structure. Before inward beauty, physical beauty is the first to be observed.

“The FACE also REFLECTS the MOOD of a person.” One can tell the emotion of a person by looking at how their eyes are set, how big their nose is, how full their lips are, or how rosy their cheeks are. During job interviews, the face also plays a crucial role. One may tell the trustworthiness, reliability and credibility of a person through his or her facial gestures.

Face-to-face communication is also VITAL for maintaining good relationships with others, may it be with family, friends, schoolmates or officemates.

Nowadays, with the help of science and technology, facial skin care has already improved. There are services, for example the face lift,that makes one have a pleasant appearance, look younger than ever before, in order to gain more confidence, be appreciated and noticed MORE.



Sagging cheeks and jowlsnasolabial foldwrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet and laugh lines are some of the problems treated by face lift.

Sagging cheeks      nasolabial fold

 wrinkles on     laugh lines


3D Angel Lift is a nonsurgical facelift that gives you the same effects as the traditional facelift. It offers the following benefits: reshapes and lifts the face, with no scars, no downtime, and no surgical incision. It is also safe and effective and has a long-lasting effect. It tightens sagging skin and contours the face. Elasticity of the skin is developed and pores are minimized due to skin toning. The number of areas to be treated is the factor for the speed of the procedure. 20 to 40 minutes is the usual time frame. Its effects lasts about two to four years.

The process is SCARE-FREE and PAINLESS.It will have a good effect on the career of a person because if someone is going to be beautiful, gorgeous and pleasant-looking, he or she can be a MODEL OF BEAUTY FOR OTHERS TO EMULATE, and he or she can INFLUENCE others by driving them by EXAMPLE.

Have your 3D angel lift procedure at Shinagawa and have an angel face beauty!