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Better Vision with Healthy Nutrition

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. The healthier foods you intake, the better your physique and clearer your skin is. But there is more to nutrition rather than just looking glowing and fresh every day.

Studies showed how eating healthy contributes to better vision. Having a well-balanced diet can serve as a protection to your eyes and may even lower the risk of developing eye problems such as dry eyes, glaucoma, and age-related diseases such as cataracts.

Here are some of the foods that can help you boost your vision:


1. Carrots. Growing up, our parents already taught us how carrots can help us have better eyes. Carrot is a good source of Vitamin A that can help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. Just simply toss this in your salad or you can even have it as a simple snack.





Kale2. Kale. This green and leafy vegetable can be a good source of lutein which is a carotenoid found as a color pigment in our eyes. It can prevent age-related eye disorders plus it’s easy to prepare. Just simply add in some kale into ice and milk into your blender (add ingredients such as apple or sweetener such as honey or agave nectar) and you will now have a smoothie to go.






FISH3.  Fish. Seafood lovers can also enjoy their meal with a benefit of having healthy eyes. Certain fishes enriched with omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent dry eyes and improve retinal health. Studies showed how these essential acids can help with the proper drainage of intraocular fluids from the eye which reduces the risk of having glaucoma and high eye pressure.





Eggs4. Eggs. Same with carrots, eggs contain a good amount of Vitamin A which can protect the cornea. It can also be a good source of lutein and zinc, which can aid eyes into seeing at night. Zinc helps vitamin A in creating a melanin pigment that protects the eyes. It can also slow down the progression of age-related diseases.





Citrus5. Citrus fruits. If you are not a vegetable person, you can always enjoy the sweetness of fruits. Oranges and other citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C which promotes a healthy eye blood vessel. It can help our body maintain a connective tissue found in the cornea of the eye.



To maintain good eyesight, a good lifestyle is a must. Nature has provided us with tons of energy-giving and eye-nourishing foods.

Proper nutrition and eye care can contribute to your eye health and even your overall fitness. You can also increase your eye defense by consulting your Ophthalmologists. Learn more about this in our previous blog.

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