Dental Implant now at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines

Dental Implants at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics now Available!

Tooth Implant  Shinagawa PH

Did you know that for every missing tooth you lose approximately ten percent of the ability to chew food. Not only that, the unsightly gaps also affects the way your teeth look which affects the way you feel.

You don’t have to worry now because Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines is now offering Dental Implants that provides comfort and the best solution for those are having issues of showing their teeth.


So, Why you should decide to undergo with dental implants? Here are the reasons why:

✓ No Slipping

Some dentures over time can move around in the mouth, which may caused you discomfort, fear of falling it out when you talk or give you chewing difficulties.

✓ It is Long Lasting

Traditional tooth replacement can last for only several years and at some point you need to replace it while implants can last a lifetime if it is properly taken care.

✓ It Acts like a Natural Teeth

It is undeniably more attractive than dentures since it looks like a real teeth which can give you more confidence to smile.

✓ Healthier Choice

It is easier to maintain and clean the dental implants than other tooth replacement alternatives such as dentures, which have more possibility to be exposed to bacteria causing infection in your gums.


With Shinagawa clinic’s team of professional and highly trained dentists, orthodontists and implantologists we assure a safe and healthy procedures of dental implants.

Want to have Dental Implants? For inquiries or schedule of your consultation you can contact us at 491-0000 Makati Branch or Book a Free Consultation thru our website

The Happy and Satisfied Patients of 2015

We, at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics has cemented our status as the NO. 1 Lasik and Aesthetics surgery clinic. We have served over 3 million satisfied patients combined (lasik, aesthetics, and orthodontics) while ensuring the safest and highest level of treatments at a very reasonable price. We take pride to introduce the fastest LASIK technology in the Philippines, the Z-Prime, which can only be found in Shinagawa.

So before we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome a brand new year, let’s look back on some patients who wholeheartedly trusted Shinagawa Philippines in having their procedure done in the clinic.



“When I was wearing glasses, I couldn’t see after the 4th line from the top!!! But now, I went back for a check up and I passed the test – up til the 2nd to the last line from the bottom. Imagine that. I can clearly see from 20 feet now! The feeling is amazing. I’ve never been so happy! :)When I was wearing glasses, I couldn’t see after the 4th line from the top!!! But now, I went back for a check up and I passed the test – up til the 2nd to the last line from the bottom. Imagine that. I can clearly see from 20 feet now! The feeling is amazing. I’ve never been so happy!” – Yuki Tansengco of The Style Cat Blog


“My work as a television producer and director requires me tell a story the way I see it. It means that having perfect vision is very important especially to my line of work. I thought I would be wearing glasses and contact lenses for the rest of my life but then Z-LASIK come along. When I was ready to make the change, I’m glad I went with a trusted name. The doctors and staff of Shinagawa Lasik and Center made me feel informed and safe. The surgery was fast. It was pain free, I call it a miracle.”-Mike Carandang, Producer and Director


“The Shinagawa Staff really took care of me every step of the way. The surgery itself was quick and painless, it literally took 8 minutes for both eyes. I would highly recommend Shinagawa to anyone who anyone who would like to achieve 20/20 vision again. Shortly after surgery, I could see perfectly clear ready”-Mica Javier, Singer and Songwriter


“I am so happy to see the world much clearly now! Thanks to the efficiency and great professional care. I was accorded by the friendly doctors and staff of Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics. God Bless You and More Power!” -Snooky Serna, Actress



I love how Shinagawa offers personalized services. My experience with them was that they did not offer me one size fits all solution. Because people are all different, they took the time to explain to me in detail why a certain service would be better fit for me than the other. And with their Japanese background, I am assured that they have the latest medical technology and their services are highest of quality.” Dae Lee of Foreignoy Trio


“My life journey with Shinagawa has always been awesome. Excellent services, very hospitable staff, and the ambience is extremely homely.My skin feels replenished and rejuvenated, and it gets better after each visit.. Shinagawa is really a place to be. I’m a living witness and i’m very grateful”- Bobby Madubike


“Ever since I started the laser genesis treatment at Shinagawa, not only myself, but all of my friends have noticed a big difference in the quality of my skin. I look younger now than I did three years ago! I am so grateful for a company like Shinagawa. The treatment has caused me to become less self conscious and more confident in my appearance.”– Dwaine Woolley


“It was a very welcoming and calming experience. Also very professional and informative. Will definitely be returning here” –Fely Irvine



“I used to shy away from camera especially if it’s a close up take because i don’t feel confident in showing my teeth. But thanks to Shinagawa Ortho, i can now smile big, a smile with confidence that i have been wanting for the longest time. It’s life changing experience. Now i can definitely do what they say; start and end your day with a SMILE” – Dex Garcia

In line with our thrust, we will continue to render high quality services to all our patients in the succeeding years.

Prophylaxis: For Your Oral Health Care

Prophylaxis: For Your Oral Health Care

Oral prophylaxis or Teeth cleaning, as we all know it is necessary to promote proper oral health care. It is a cleaning procedure performed to our teeth for thorough cleaning with the expert eye of a dentist and specialized dental equipment. It is very true that most of us don’t pay attention to having our teeth cleaned and will not see a dentist as long as we don’t feel any pain and discomfort inside our mouth.

Having our teeth checked at least every six months is very important to keep our grinders away from any future problem. Plus, oral prophylaxis procedure is a professional teeth cleaning.

Some of the reasons why we need to have our teeth checked twice a year are:

    • Removal of Tartar– Not everything can be removed by just simply brushing or flossing of teeth. Plaque buildup if left untreated will cause more serious dental problems in the future.
    • For Aesthetics– One would feel more confident if their teeth that are not marred with yellowish stain or is not experiencing any tooth ache.
    • Prevents Bad Breath– The common cause of bad breath is the food particles left below the gum line that couldn’t be reached by simply brushing or flossing. Plaque removal is as important to prevent build-up of tartar behind our teeth.
    • Helps Health Issues to be Identified– Having oral prophylaxis can determine health issues since it involves thorough health oral examination. By doing a checkup of your mouth, it can avoid future health problems. Through this, the dentist could give recommendation and would prevent future dental issues.

Taking care of our teeth is as significant as taking care of our skin as this help boost our confidence in our everyday pursuit of happiness. The good thing is that teeth cleaning price in the Philippines is reasonable for all.

Shinagawa thrives in offering premier orthodontics services for the teeth’s better. A free dental consultation awaits as well. Moreover, you can visit as we offer more of the finest orthodontics treatments available.

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Yellow No More

Yellow No More

Aside from our skin and hair which is one of the most common concerns of many about themselves, having a set of perfect white teeth is just as important as having a blemish free skin and shiny, silky hair.

Some people feel conscious about having teeth discoloration. It could be one of the reasons as well why most have lower self-esteem. They tend not to feel good about themselves and get conscious whenever they talk to people. What really causes teeth discoloration and how do you avoid or minimize it?

1. Foods and Drinks– One factor of having teeth discoloration is about the food and drink you take inside your body. Habitual drinking of dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, colas, wines and eating citrus or acidic foods can actually cause stain in your teeth.
2. Using Tobacco– Smoking and chewing tobacco is also another reason why you have stained teeth.
3. Poor Dental Hygiene– Inadequate tooth brushing and flossing, unable to remove the plaque or the stain produce by the substances we take inside our body is another factor.
4. Genetics– We couldn’t blame everything on our lifestyle. In most cases, the underlying cause of teeth discoloration is due to your genetic makeup which is beyond your control.

Knowing the reasons could help you to avoid it or if not, will be able to help you minimize it. But then, there are ways in which you could get perfect white teeth. There is this bleaching procedure called Teeth Whitening that helps get rid of yellow-tinged teeth and lightens its color. It is very affordable and has no harmful effects. Teeth whitening price and products in the Philippines are quite actually convenient.

This is considered as one of the most popular dental care services nowadays for it helps you to achieve the perfect smile that you wanted and helps you boost your self-esteem as it whitens yellow teeth fast. Bring out your best smile in front of the camera and say YELLOW NO MORE.

Shinagawa Orthodontics offer laser teeth whitening to help one have the utmost confidence in its teeth. Plus, a free consultation awaits as well. Moreover, you can visit as we offer more of the finest orthodontics treatments available.