Game-changing Skincare Tweaks for 2024

Game-changing Skincare Tweaks for 2024

Let nothing stop you from stepping into 2024 with a flawless skin and a radiant glow by kick starting your skincare journey and renewing your commitment to self-care.

Here are some expert tips and smart hacks that you may find helpful as you get your skin game going for the year.

Apply your hydrating products to moist skin

We need as much moisture as possible to keep our skin barrier intact. When you apply products over moist skin, you’re adding moisture (from water) and trapping it in with your skincare. However, there’s no need to overdo it. Store your skincare products in the bathroom. The ideal time to apply moisturizer is right after you have a shower, when your skin is still wet. The body is in the same boat. This is even more advantageous if the moisturizing agent in your moisturizer has a humectant (a substance that retains moisture), such glycerin, hyaluronic acid or polyglutamic acid—all of which are commonly included in face creams.

Give up fragrance in skincare products

A small percentage of people may find fragrance pleasant in skincare products but it is irritating for particularly those with sensitive or reactive skin.

If you wear perfume and put any occlusion over it, the skin barrier is likely to be more sensitive and could cause an itchy, irritated neck. In other words, keep fragrance to your clothes only.

Refrain from over moisturizing

Applying a thick layer of skin-cocooning moisturizer if you’re experiencing dry skin. You could even reapply it as the day goes on. If you overdo it, it might do more harm than good, particularly if it contains chemicals like mineral oils, petrolatum, lanolin and paraffin oil that block pores. It’s possible that dry skin is caused by factors other than just being too hot or cold outside your home. It can be the result of skin irritation. Many people over moisturize, which exacerbates the issue and leaves their skin flaky and scaly.

Avoid these cleansing mistakes

The majority of people don’t use cleaners as recommended. Many of us don’t apply enough pressure, which prevents them from reaping the rewards. At least give it a minute. Not adequately wiping it off is another error. To get rid of it completely, give it ten or twelve good sprays of water.

Use a mild, creamy cleanser in the morning and a foamy cleanser in the evening to equalize the effects and get rid of sunscreen and makeup cleaners that include polyhydroxy acids or PHAs. First of all, compared to typical exfoliating acids, they are kinder. Secondly, PHAs keep the skin hydrated.

Try “Skin Cycling”

Skin cycling is a skin-care regimen that allows “rest days” throughout the week so that, following specific products, your skin can heal itself. Try “skin cycling”: apply products that have promising benefits, such as retinol one evening, an exfoliating acid the next, then two nights with a very basic moisturizing cream that contains no active ingredients at all to give your skin a short break. Then repeat the same again.

With these, we hope that you can get started on the right note as you aim for better skin this year.

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