LASIK Blog Story of Michelle Medilo Luchavez

Michelle Medilo Luchavez Summarizes Her LASIK Journey

Michelle Luchavez, one of our happy patients, gave a summary of her LASIK cruise on her way to beyond perfect vision.

She went from having a high eye grade and astigmatism all the way to the best vision anyone could have hoped for.

Day 1: LASIK Procedure:

Eye Grade (575) Left Eye (325) Right Eye

(225) Astigmatism 

Day 2: Post Op – Check-up: 

Eye Grade (20/16) Left Eye (20/12) Right Eye

Day 5: Resting Period

“Thank you Shinagawa for the job well done!” said Michelle.

Achieving bright vision is as simple as that. Schedule your LASIK screening now!

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