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Llevelyn Ochengco’s Perfect Vision For Perfect Vacations Ahead

Now that traveling is slowly but surely possible again, brighter eyesight can certainly make journeys better for jet setters like Llevelyn Young-Ochengco.

“In just several minutes of the painless and quick LASIK procedure, I can now see the world clearly!” expressed Llevelyn, who had her LASIK at Shinagawa BGC.

“For 15 years, I was dealing with poor eyesight. I have struggled a lot, especially when I travel abroad because I couldn’t see beautiful places and sceneries without using eyeglasses or contact lenses.”

Aside from that, Llevelyn confessed that being a mom with a poor vision was no easy task.

“Moreover, being a mom without a clear vision wasn’t really easy that’s why I decided to undergo LASIK at Shinagawa.”

“From 850/850 eye grade with high astigmatism, my vision is now 20/12, even way better than 20/20! I never imagined this could happen to me until Shinagawa turned my dream into reality!”

Perfect vision can be a great companion for your perfect vacation ahead! Schedule your LASIK Screening now!

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