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Causes Of Itchy Skin

Wonder what causes your constant itchy skin? There are several factors that can cause it.

One big cause of itchy skin is a change in the weather, particularly as we shift to the summer and rainy season, and vice versa, humid air of summer makes way for cooler, drier air.

With your skin already drying out thanks to drier air, we’re often the ones making it a little worse.

When the weather suddenly produces excruciating heat, it instantly pulls more moisture out of your skin. Hence, dry skin flares with the change of season.

While the weather is more often the culprit for dry skin, it’s not necessarily always to blame.

Eczema can also be a common cause when you get red, scaly patches of skin on the front of your elbow, back of the knee, or even your hands.

One more cause of dry, itchy skin could also be your soap.

Not all soaps are created equal and some actually have antibacterial components or fragrances which can irritate your skin and dry it out even more.

If you’re experiencing itchy skin constantly, seeing a dermatologist soonest is a must.

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