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Not Suitable For LASIK? What’s Next?

So, you’re excited about the idea of getting LASIK and setting aside glasses and contacts. You want to simplify your life and increase your options for all types of activities and experiences. Like any surgery, there is a screening process to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Since you’re already excited about the options that LASIK opens up in your life if for some reason you’re not a fit candidate for LASIK, are there other ways to reach the same outcome? Yes, we still have the right answers for your vision woes aside from LASIK.

Our eye doctors at Shinagawa will know the fitting vision correction treatment for you.

Basic considerations for a LASIK candidate:

1. Good Eye and Overall Physical Health

No eye infections, injuries, cornea problems past or present, or other specific issues. Physical health issues such as Type 1 Diabetes, active HIV and Rheumatoid Arthritis are concerns as they can affect healing.

2. Age and Vision Development

There is a minimum age for LASIK surgery, generally 18 years old and above. In addition, it is important that the patient’s vision has stabilized, as visual parameters can change throughout childhood.

3. Cornea Thickness and Regularity

There needs to be enough cornea material to successfully perform the LASIK surgery. Some people’s corneas may be too thin. Also, conditions like keratoconus present inconsistent cornea surfaces that may be an issue.

4. Pupil Size

Naturally, a large pupil size can increase the risk of “halo” effects and other artifacts after surgery.

5. High Amounts of Correction Required

A high degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can make the LASIK correction difficult.

6. Pregnancy

Vision changes due to hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy-related dry eye, and other temporary factors require a delay of LASIK.

7. Realistic Expectations

An informed patient experiences the most satisfying outcome, so it’s important to understand the process, recovery, and results. If LASIK isn’t the best choice, there are other excellent vision correction surgery options at Shinagawa as well.

8. Other Issues Your Eye Doctor Identifies

Your personalized care is important to us, and your doctor takes a detailed look at your screening results and situation to identify any concerns.

As a top eye center in the country, we used the most advanced methods and technology for our vision correction treatments. For instance, new laser technologies allow us to treat people with thinner corneas.

Alternative laser vision correction methods such as ICL, PRK, or RLE are available to likewise improve your vision. Let’s see what vision correction treatment is suited for you! Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Screening with us!

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